Say hello to the leadership team at Shepherd’s Heart Church.

Meet our leadership

Associate Pastors: Cameron & Tammy Moore
Associate Pastors: Darren & Venita Williams
SHC Kidz and SHC Literacy Director: Kendra Miles
SHC Men: Darren & Ethan "Ebo" Williams
SHC Worship led by Kristin Ward
SHC Catering and Fellowship Coordinators: Jennifer Pettit & Stephen "Chef" Gunn
SHC Youth Pastors: Dustin & Jessica Skelton
SHC Ladies: Venita Williams & Jennifer Pettit
SHC Media: Cam & Tammy Moore, Gavyn Ward, J.D. Russell
Betty Stone of Betty Stone Prison Ministries
SHC Hospitality Team Director: Donna Young
Celebrate Recovery Director: Kenneth Jamerson Jr.

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Lead Pastors, Nicholas & Alison Hess

I'm in love with God. Sounds churchy, but it's true. I'm a 3rd generation pastor. Pastoring is in my blood. I'm in love with my wife Alison who has a “light up the room” smile. She found me at a youth rally in 2010. She flashed that smile and I melted. We have 4 beautiful children. We are HUGE Poteau Pirate fans! We can't wait to worship with you as family in service to our Lord and our community!

“Don’t go backwards keep moving forward!” - Pastor Nick